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3-Days to an irresistible brand

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Your Personal Branding Identity

Foundation and Self-Discovery

Assess the values, passions, and strengths that make your brand identity irresistible

Identifying Your Unique Value Proposition: What sets your authority apart from others?

Building Your Brand Online

Creating an Online Presence:

Tips on selecting the right platforms for your goals.

Crafting a Strong Online Presence: Writing a compelling and concise bio for social media profiles.
Using keywords strategically.

Content Creation
Introduction to storytelling techniques.



Morning: Brand Messaging and Image

Defining Your Brand Message: Crafting a clear and authentic brand message.
Identifying target audience and tailoring messaging.

Visual Branding: Importance of consistent visual elements (logo, colors, imagery).
Live workshop on creating a visually appealing brand.

Authenticity and Consistency: Emphasize the importance of being genuine and consistent in your brand portrayal.

Afternoon: Building Relationships and Networking

High Touch Networking Skills:

Techniques for effective networking both online and offline.

Building and nurturing professional relationships.

Case Studies: Analyzing successful personal branding examples.


Live Laser Coaching

Morning: Content Strategy and Scalability

We will develop a content strategy and editorial calendar.
Balancing personal and professional content.

Strategies for increasing visibility and engagement.
Leveraging social media algorithms.

Afternoon: Measuring Success and Continued Growth

Analytics and Metrics:

Introduction to tracking key performance indicators (KPIs).

How to interpret data and make improvements.

Evolving Your Brand: Discuss the need for adaptability and growth in personal branding.
Setting long-term goals and reevaluating your brand periodically.

Action Planning: Create a personalized action plan for your ongoing personal branding journey and the development of fresh new programs.




Live Laser Coaching

Get direct expert coaching in the areas you are most stuck in. Brand development, purpose, energy, limiting beliefs...Get actionable advice and come away with a c

3-Day Live (Virtual) Event

General Admission


3-Days of Premium Coaching & Expert Mentoring

Pre-Event Training on how to get the Most out of the Event.

Downloadable workbook

& Roadmap to Master your Dream Life

VIP Upgrade


3-Days of Premium Coaching & Expert Mentoring

Pre-Event Training on how to get the Most out of the Event.

Full Access to Replay of the Event


BRAND MASTERY LIVE is where you will get the live support, the lessons, and the exact plan to create a business that fills your every day with purpose!


I don't have a business yet...

Branding yourself is the powerful catalyst you need to move forward confidently in developing a successful business and generating income with ease. Your personal brand is the foundation upon which you can build any service or product-based business. Here's why investing in your personal brand is a strategic move:

Your personal brand is a reflection of who you are, your values, and your unique expertise. Women bring a wealth of life experiences and skills to the table. By showcasing your authentic self, you'll attract like-minded clients who resonate with your journey and perspective.

Building a business is all about trust. When you establish a strong personal brand, you're not just selling a product or service; you're selling yourself as a trusted authority.

Whether you have a specific business idea or not, your personal brand can adapt to various opportunities that arise. Your brand becomes a versatile platform that allows you to pivot or expand your offerings based on a changing market personal interests.

By actively working on your personal brand, you increase your online and offline visibility. This, in turn, can attract opportunities, clients, and business inquiries that you may not have expected otherwise.

So, while you may not have a specific business idea in mind just yet, remember that branding yourself is the first step toward creating a strong foundation for your future business endeavors. It's a journey of self-discovery, confidence-building, and showcasing your unique value. Embrace this process, and you'll find that the path to business success becomes clearer and more attainable with each step you take in developing your personal brand.

I don't have a big budget or a big list...

Having a big budget or a large email list isn't a requirement to start building a powerful personal brand. In fact, many successful midlife women entrepreneurs began with modest resources. We will teach you cost-effective branding strategies, such as social media engagement, content creation, and networking that move the needle. As your brand grows, your email list will too, and you can allocate budget strategically as your business scales.

I have a hard time showing my face...

If you have difficulty showing your face, consider starting with other personal branding elements like your voice, expertise, or unique perspective. Gradually ease into visibility through audio content, written content, or using imagery that represents you without showing your face. As your confidence grows, you can transition to more face-to-face or video interactions at your own pace. Remember, personal branding is about showcasing your authenticity, and there are multiple ways to do so without necessarily showing your face upfront.

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