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I'm Lizz Smoak

Your Fellow Midlife Maverick

It's time to seize the reins and embark on a journey of reinvention. In this glorious chapter, we hold the power to rediscover our true passions and purpose. Let's break free from the unbearable weight of expectation and create a business and brand that authentically represent who we are TODAY. Together, we'll craft beautiful contributions that resonate with the world and leave an indelible mark. It's our time to shine, to redefine, and to make our midlife years the most inspiring and impactful yet. Join me on this exhilarating adventure of self-discovery and transformation!

We dress well, we smell good, we’ve been through it and we’re ready for more!

But $40 lipstick and good shoes can only get you so far, love.

I know you’re crushing it in the streets, but in the words of Jenna Kutcher, How are you Really?

Hormone havoc, divorcees, finances, health, grey roots, teen tantrums, and an empty nest can be an open can of whoop-ass but, Girl, you brought back-up to this street fight.

I’ve got an arsenal of tools, support, and the sisterhood you need to break out of this

estrogen-depleted box and get back into the business of life.

Reignite your greatest love, make your mark on this world, and feel ablaze with purpose and vitality.

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