You are enrolling in an 8-week course that clearly explains the depth of income and impact that can be made by building your brand online, marketing your skills and delivering juicy, cash-worthy content that only you have.

With each module, you will earn all the knowledge, the how-to’s and insider secrets of successful online brands. Create elegant lead funnels that keep your prospect pipeline full and organically builds the community of followers you’ve dreamed of.

Each week we will dive deep into the following topics:

Your Unique Value Proposition

+ Skills
+ Passion

Your Position in the Market

Carving out a niche all your own

Your Ideal Target Audience

identifying ideal clients that are predisposed to buy from you

Your Offering

+ services
* resources
you will take
to market

Brand Toolbox

your brand assets
domains, copyrights,
taglines, video and
marketing collateral

Your Visual Brand

creating your visual identity online

Create Raving Fans

List Building & Cultivating Loyal, eager buyers

Scale & Duplicate

The perpetual income & lead machine

You will receive:

  • The secret handbook to becoming a bonafide internet entrepreneur
  • All you will ever need to know to begin living the laptop lifestyle
  • A jolt of creative and practical inspiration and the coach and community to tell you exactly what to do to pull it all together
  • The final answer on what you should be doing with your life and business right now
  • An ACTION plan to get you out of the time suck black-hole and back in to prospecting and profiting like a boss

Be the Brand Academy

is not limited to online branding; we take you through to creating a thriving retreat, mastermind or live event that will keep your community buzzing with excitement.

These epic events are huge moneymakers with minimal effort (no matter how small they are).




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Payment in Full $1,497 or 12 installments of $129*

*Prices in USD

How it works:

8 powerful weeks of action-oriented,
highly detailed modules
delivered right
to your inbox. Dive deep into brand
building, online marketing methods and
community building. You will learn, live
and through video, how to identify and
market to an audience who is already
predisposed to trust you and buy from you.

Access to other global entrepreneurs,
coaches, authors and speakers in the
private Facebook group
is worth
the price of admission long after the
course is over and as your brand evolves.
Utilizing this group of innovative
professionals as a focus group, a judging
panel or simply a sounding board for your
new ideas, products and events is something
every successful entrepreneur longs for.

8 weekly LIVE coaching calls with me. 2 Hours of the most intense inspiration on how to grow your business you will find almost anywhere. Come away with tons of hand-cramping notes that you can implement immediately. Guaranteed fog-clearing ideas on tap specifically relevant to you and your particular business.

A Brand Library filled with printable resources, worksheets and study aids to take you from where you are now to where your empire will thrive.

Lifetime Access to the member’s area, the support community, all content and all future versions of this course.

Listen to our new graduates speak about their Academy experience:

“Lizz is confident, assuring, personable, and brilliant! She is completely relatable. I could go on and on about Lizz. She is real, and she knows her stuff. Months later she is still available to her clients, willing and ready to help.

If you’re on the fence about joining The Academy – just do it. No matter what stage you are in of building your brand, she and her services are priceless. It’s never too early, and it’s never too late, to work with Lizz. Working with Lizz is an incredible investment with a return greater than you can imagine.”


“I’ve gone through the Academy twice! The Academy itself was FANTASTIC!
The weekly calls, interactions with other students provided so much insight – it was unbelievable!

I have several passions and Lizz was able to help me narrow my focus and determine who my ideal client was and identify the knowledge that I have that was most marketable. I did everything I could to absorb all the information she shared (which is virtually impossible because it is so much!)

If you are considering branding yourself or growing your business, Lizz is your go-to lady to work with. Partner with her NOW – don’t hesitate! She has so much insight and resources for you and your business.”


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One-Time Payment = $1,497 USD

12 Installments of$129 USD




I’m Lizz Smoak and I am thrilled that you are here!

I single handedly changed my life from working 60+ hours per week, never seeing my daughter, no money in the bank (as in $0.47) and a devastating loss – to a life of complete financial and time freedom. I used the gifts and talents that no one could take from me and shared that passion with the world (4 continents to be exact). I work 10 months out of the year, go everywhere with my daughter, vacation at will and never have to check the balance in my bank account with one eye open and my fingers crossed.

I’m a Tedx Speaker and published contributor to various business and lifestyle magazines and a Girl Scout Leader of 22 future leaders. I strongly believe that women can change the world we live in if given the right tools and a dose of confidence. That’s why you’re here.

I am the person who is going to show you exactly how it is done. I believe in you, no matter where you are in your journey, I will take your hand and we will take it step by step…together!

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One-Time Payment = $1,497 USD

12 Installments of$129 USD